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Barney in GoAnimate (standard version)

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Barney is a cartoon

Barney (sometimes BarneyBob WigglePants) is a purple dinosaur Aaron and most of the others troublemakers/his friends hate. In the GoAnimate videos, he is the only troublemaker who is disliked by other troublemakers. He is also CartoonLover5's least favorite character and show. In PercyisSwell2013 (Originally known as Tbird8923 and Pinguisawsome8923)s Go!Animate Videos since one of his Technicolor Logo Bloopers, when somebody says he needs voice surgery he shouts Hey! My Voice is Fine!!

Played by: Himself or Bodyguard

Voice: Kidaroo, Diesel (GoAnimateYesGroundedNo's version, uses Kidaroo when angry), Scary Voice (furious), Joey (in CartoonLover5's videos), TigerMario2002: (in movies and TV shows, and other media), Brian

Born: May 27, 1955

Age: 61

Friends: Dad, Mom, Little Kids, Other People who is a fan of himMurray Albert Dinosaur (his dad), Yummy, Big Pauly, MatrixOutlander360, Cherry, Sarah, Drew A. Pickles, Polly

Real children: Baby Bop, Bj, Riff

Enemies: Zack (huge Barney hater), Aaron, Eric, Kevin, David, Keith, Other Troublemakers, Parksprings1, Kyle Rangel's Parents, Becky (Shining Time Station)' and Patty Owens Dinosaur (his mom), Michael D, Penny and Mitch, Nick, Erika, Ivy, Memy9909, Keith, Noah, Little Bill, and other bad users, CartoonLover5, Ungrounder: Rosie Desperaux (Caillou) (Goanimate) (Caillou Gets Ungrounded)

Signature colors: Purple & Green

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TheFabulousDC03's Version of Barney the Dinosaur

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BarneyBob WigglePants by Jimmy Durante in 2001


  • "Can I sing the 'I Love You' song now?
  • "I'm not stupid! I'm super-dee-duper!"
  • "I love you, you love me"