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CJ Porritt is an enemy of Memy9909 and one of the cool people at school. He is a Comedy World character.

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CJ Porritt

Name: CJ Porritt (a.k.a. Carlos Johnson "James Cameron" Porritt, James Cameron II, James Cameron III)

Age: 15

Voice: Amy (child, age toddler-6), Brian (Kindergartener-5th Grader, formerly, age 6-11), Eric (Teenager, current, age 12-present)

Date of Birth: July 20th, 2000

Friends: Claire, Joyce, Jane, EricErika, Dave, Jeanne, Hannah Carl, James Cameron the First (filmmaker), Otis, Susan, Baxter, Roger Rabbit, Jessica Rabbit, Tjdrum, Little Guy, and Geo Guy

Enemies: McFadden, Dracula, Memy9909, Judge Doom, Santed Sailor, and The Weasels