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== Characters ==
Pmr idis;;y [tpyrvyd yjrot Eolos [shrd.
Darton's Dad-Alan
Darton's Mom-Emma
Airport Lady-Tracy
Airport Man-Daniel
Airport Speaker-Steven
Basque Airport Voice-Zuzana (Czech)
Darton's Basque Voice-Tarik (Arabic)
== Publish Date ==
July 21, 2017
== Transcript ==
Darton's Dad: Darton. How dare you make a grounded video out of Michael laurea. That's It.
Darton's Mom: We will sent you to basque country as your punishment.
Darton: Oh No. Not Basque.
Darton's Dad: Too Bad.
(At The Airport)
Airport Lady: How may I help you.
Darton's Dad: We will like 2 tickets for basque Country.
Airport Lady: Okay. Here you go.
Darton's Dad: Darton. You May Go Now.
(3 Minutes Later)
Airport Man: Flight 76 to basque country is now boarding on gate 11.
(In the Airplane)
Airport Speaker: Were Almost at The Basque Country.
(2 Minutes Later)
Airport Speaker: We are heading to basque. Enjoy your flight.
(4 Minutes Later)
Darton: Why Did I get Sent to Basque.
Basque Airport Zuzana (Czech): Welcome to Basque. The White Area Is For Unloading Passengers. There Will Be No Parking.
(1 Minute Later)
Darton (Tarik's Voice): Oh no. Now I'm Speaking Basque, Which Is Their Language in Basque Country. Can my Life Get Any Worse Than This? Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.

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Pmr idis;;y [tpyrvyd yjrot Eolos [shrd.