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Kara Cupper is a Shining Time Station character, played by Erica Luttrell. She is a black American girl, who gets smart and sometimes she can be rude, which often gets her grounded.


Kara Cupper

Birthdate: September 19, 1972/2001 (Child Version)

Age: 45/16

Grade: Graduated from college/10th

Voice: Susan or Veena

Friends: Camila (Chiquititas) and Nadia (Chiquititas)

Enemies: Mr. Keebler, Mmemy9909, Warren Cook, Baxter

Family: Kara's Dad (father, voiced by Diesel or Eric), Kara's Mom (Mom, voiced by Kate), Rosie (younger sister), Tom (little brother) Harry Cupper (grandfather, voiced by Lawrence), Justin Cupper (husband), Julie Cupper (daughter), Brook Seanrick (future son-in-law, voiced by Diesel)

Allies: Becky, Dan, Stacy, Schemer, Brian, Freddie, Eric, Katie, Darren (boyfriend), Bill, Billy Twofeathers, Mr. Conductor, Bob the Tomato, Larry the Cucumber

Job: Designing and programming computer games, Enginnering, programming, and animating video games

Favorite TV Shows: Thomas and Friends, Shining Time Station, Rocket Power, Sonic X, Veggietales

Likes: Pizzas, Computer Games, Video Games, Youtube, Facebook, Wreck it Ralph, Thomas and Friends, Veggietales, Bob the Tomato, Larry the Cucumber

Dislikes: Being Grounded, Being in Detentions, Being Expelled, Being Suspended, Getting Arrested, Getting Killed, Getting Fired from any job, Mr. Keebler, Memy9909, Warren Cook, Baxter