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Becky's Mom

Kate is a mother of Becky. She mostly grounds her daughter Becky.


Voice: Kate

Family: Becky (Daughter), Kendra (Daughter), Paul (Husband), Leon (brother, deceased by his own daughter's hand), Mrs. Elizabeth (Mother), Jerry Marcot (father),  

Friends: Brian's Mom (best friends), Kara's Mom (best friends), Bill's Dad, Bill's Mom, Kara's Dad, Dan's Dad, Dan's Mom,

Birth: September 17, 1951

Hobbies: Listening to the 1930s songs (3rd anniversary of her father's death), Playing Piano (like Caillou does on the Evil Caillou Gets Grounded series).

Likes: Grounding Becky (along with her husband Paul), TV Shows, Memories of her parents, Powers, Shining Time Station, Thomas the Tank Engine, and Baby shows

Favorite TV Shows: Thomas the Tank Engine, Shining Time Station, Dora the Explorer, Rugrats, Barney, The Wiggles, Caillou, Evil Caillou Gets Grounded

Dislikes: Becky getting in trouble, When Dora the Explorer being killed, When Daniel Tiger being killed, When Rugrats being killed, When Teletubbies beaten, When Caillou gets grounded

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Becky's Parents

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