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Kevin is a character who is one of the troublemakers He wears green shirt, blue pants, white shoes, and a white thing on his chin that looks like a goatee. He is the smallest kid in class. He is also a cousin of Thomas Russo.

Name: Kevin Russo

Age: 16

Voice: Joey And Young Guy

Date of Birth: January 22, 2000

Favorite Color: Pink

Favorite Subject: Music Class, Math

Likes: Singing, Girly Stuff, Barney the Purple Dinosaur, Music Class, Being the smallest in class, Cortez, Thomas Crawford, Alex Bueno Clark, Justin Dew Bieber

Dislikes: Boy Stuff, Xbox, Older Kids, Physical Education, Troublemakers

Friends: Keith, Aaron, Eric, Erika, Zack, Bill, United 1660