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Maya is a main protagonist of the official Maya series and a major character of the newer episodes of the Brian series who is created by Real Milesify Studios (originally mrjimmiemilesify). She made her debut in mrjimmiemilesify's grounded videos. Maya even had her own grounded series. She has a boyfriend named Aaron.

She often loses her temper.



Full Name: Maya Penza

Gender: Female

Hair: Yellow

Birth: February 25, 1996 (Canton, Ohio)

Age: 17

21 (Current logical age)

Voice: Kayla

Family: Jerry (Biological Father Before His Death)

Rose (Biological Mother Before Her Death)

Jack Walters (former foster parent, later kicked Maya out)

Rogers Walters (former uncle until she got kicked out)

Kendra (former sister until Maya got kicked out)

Simon (Dad)

Bridget (Mom)

Keith (Brother)

Champ (Brother)

Rachel (Sister)

Allies: Aaron (boyfriend), Kim, Eric, Diesel, Kate, Becky (Rival)

Friends: Kim, Aaron, Zoey, Kumi, Nicole, Destiny, Darren, Daniel, Adult Mall, Lilly, Violet and more

Superpowers: flight, super speed, invisibility and the ability to leap very far distances.

First Appearance: Maya Gets Fat From Wendy's And Gets Grounded

Last Appearance: Maya Gets Kicked Out Of The House And Gets New Parents

Dislikes: Star Trek

Best friend: Kim (Josh The Magnet)

Ethnicity: Caucasian-American


File:Gets New Parents

She used to live with Jack and her uncle Rogers, her sister, Kendra, and her brothers Baxter and Gunther. Maya was later kicked out and she became a member of Keith's family.

Has bipolar disorder in which makes her yell angrily in Kidaroo's voice

In mrjimmiemilesify's grounded series, she was Brian's wife, but in the GoAnimate Grounded Universe, Aaron, who is created by BrandonTheMovieGuy. is her boyfriend

Maya is Adult Mall's favorite character

She has her own show called "The Maya Show." Adult Mall uploads a new episode of this series every Thursday. This series has never been considered to be canon ever since.

She likes to keep her Mountain Dew in the microwave like Boogie2988