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Name: Olivia Michelle Petez/Pettis

Age: 7

Date of Birth: May 25, 2009

Zodiac Sign: Gemini

Favorite Color: Red, Rosy Red, Purple, Pink (especially Hot Pink), Lavender, Ruby Red, Violet, Blue, Baby Blue, Yellow

Favorite Food: French Fries, Cookies, Ice Cream (especially on cones), Cakes with frosting, Baked Potato, McDonald's, Cupcakes, Burger King, Frozen Yogurt, Chocolate

Favorite Movie: Barbie movies, American Girl movies, Uptown Girls, Disney movies, 20th Century Fox movies (especially animated), Free Willy movies

Favourite TV Shows: The Winx Club, Bindi the Jungle Girl, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, Rugrats, Dora The Explorer, The Puzzle Place, Allegra's Window, The Powerpuff Girls, Hey Arnold, Olivia (because the show is named after her)

Favorite Animal: Killer Whales (Orcas), Dolphins, Pandas, Cheetahs, Asian Elephants, African Female Elephants, Giraffes, Kangaroos, Wallabies(because they are all so cute)

Favorite School Subject: Art, Reading, Snacktime, Playtime, Naptime (when she was in preschool)

Least Favorite School Subject: None

Likes: Anything girly-girl and animals and minions that are cute

Dislikes: Thunderstorms, hospitals, Teletubbies, Barney

Friends: Madeline, Belle, Emmie, Sophia

Enemies: Creepy Baby Van Gogh Cactus Brothers (They scared her when she was 2 years old) Creepy Dolls

Voice: Ivy

Family: Mr. Petez (John)/Dad

Mrs. Petez (Emma)/Mom

Aaron/Older brother (16-year-old who does not like algebra; deceased)

Alice/Older sister (14-year-old middle schooler)

Lizzie Petez/Maternal aunt who is always blaming everything on her nephew

Amy Petez/Paternal aunt

Peter Petez/Paternal uncle

Harold Pettis/Paternal grandfather

Olivia is Aaron's and Alice's younger sister with blonde hair and blue eyes and is usually seen wearing a pink dress, white socks, and pink shoes. She is a girly-girl and likes art, reading, snacktime, playtime, and naptime (when she was in preschool, of course). She loves cute animals like Killer Whales (Orcas), Dolphins, Pandas, Cheetahs, Asian Elephants, African Female Elephants, Platypuses, Kangaroos, Wallabies, and Giraffes too. Plus, her favorites are red, rosy red, purple, pink (especially when it's hot pink), lavender, ruby red, blue, baby blue, and yellow.