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Rachel Penza is a female character who is created by mrlegofan404. She looks like Erika Dawson from mrlegofan404, but it is slightly different because of the ears and the colors on her eye lids She is the sister of Keith Penza, she has a sister named Maya, she has a boyfriend named Zack Dawson, and she has parents.

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Full Name: Rachel Penza

Born: June 27, 1996 in Los Angeles, California

Gender: Female

Hair color: Blonde

Age: 14 (During the events of the series)
21 (Current Logical Age)

Occupation: High School Student

Family: Simon Penza (Father)

Bridget Penza (Mother)

Keith Penza (Brother)

Maya (Sister)

Jonathan (Her Boyfriend)

Robby (Her Ex-Boyfriend)

Zack Dawson (Her Other Ex-Boyfriend)

Kelly Flute (Her Best Friend)

Voice: Princess

Ethnicity: Caucasian-American