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This is a list of the staff of the Mindspace Community.


Reinstated Active Revoked Hiatus Retired Grounded Revoked/Grounded Blocked

What does each key mean?

Key Meaning
This user has earned back their Adminship
This Admin is currently Active on this Wiki
This User has lost Adminship as punishment
This user is currently on a break from this wiki or has been inactive for more than 2 weeks
This user has stepped down as Admin or has been inactive for more than 1 month (see Former Admins)
This user is currently banned for being naughty, but still has Adminship
This user has lost Adminship as punishment for getting banned
This user has been globally blocked from Wikia

Current Admins/Bureaucrats

This table contains the current team of Bureaucrats and Admins:

Username Current Status
Rjbear178 (Current Leader) Active
GensokyoAngel Hiatus
Sophie the Otter Hiatus
FuturamaYes VeggieTalesNo Active

More to be added.

Former Admins/Bureaucrats

This section has a list of our former Admins. It tells you who has retired from being an Admin and why.

The following users are no longer Admins:

Username Current Status Reason
OliverWestern Retired Left the team in Spring 2015 in order to create a back-up wiki, should this wiki be hit with vandalism again; but has not ruled out a return. He is currently revamping FanonLand Wiki.
KingKool720 Retired Vandalism and Sockpupputery, he has since apologise for this, and is now on the wiki once again
LegendKillerProductions Retired Retired in 2015 due to inactivity
Artemis X Memphis Retired Retired in November 2015 due to inactivity

More to be added.

Admin Application

Please contact User:Rjbear178 to request adminship. Once you have done so, place youe name, and date of application, in this section, and other users will have 14 days to support or oppose your application on Rjbear178's wall. To become an Admin on this wiki, you must make at least one useful edit a day (excluding User pages) for a period of 31 days. If an Admin remains inactive for a period of 31 days, then they will automatically be listed as retired.

List of Applicants:

To be added.

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