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Here I wanted to tell you the truth on how I lost my good, old, and rare ZDoom Mod, titled "Roozy's Blue Friday".

The website was saved in 000 Web Host: https://rbfgame.000webhostapp.com/ (warning: some html's are missing)

Here is my story:

"On September 8, 2017, we expected a hurricane warning in Tallahassee when my mother was sending me to school. We both waited for the bus; but then it wasn't a bus, it was just a police car coming to us. The officer said that the governor would not allow schools because they were closed. We answered, and the police car went away. So we went back home, and I found a mysterious idea, for one last thing. My idea was to make a game, using on the GZDoom 1.9.0 engine. There was no story, yet, however, I have tried to make it as an IWAD like Doom 2, for existence. But GZDoom can not scan them, so we used Freedoom as the IWAD, and RBF as the PWAD. I stole the music, sounds, and others from unknown sources and I didn't know where I got them from. At least, most likely. More days were coming, but in September 11, 2017, when all the electricity crashed out, I was very upset for no reason. I explored the Roozy's Blue Friday folder, and said that it's fine, not deleted. More days later, I was fascinated with my own project, and later yet at the beginning of October, it was unexpectedly and accidentally deleted. I had the website saved, and the weapon sprites were taken from Realm667, Counter Strike and Reality Factory. On October 24, 2017, I tried to redo the project, but I can't. I don't even know what to do at that point yet, but I was very sad. Yet, I do not know the consequences of the WAD file being recovered with just some corrupted bytes or just deleted. I still wanted a time machine for my computer, but that's not gonna make it cool enough. So I am stuck, and thank you for reading this. I'm signing out of here."

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